A Movement Arises

Survivors of sexual violence emerged from the shadows to build a powerful social movement to challenge centuries of abuse and exploitation. The growing influence of survivors has compelled reforms in law, social relations, and culture. In the recent period, survivors expanded political power as it reformed laws in thirty states and prompted dozens of states to initiate investigations.

Survivors’ activism, media attention, government investigations, and social media advocacy expose the scope of the previously hidden epidemic, where a fifth of the population experiences sexual abuse. A new social Movement has emerged!

Let me introduce you to the Survivors Movement.

This social movement, arising in the last twenty years, battles the bastions of resistance of powerful institutions and backward social attitudes. This Movement grew from a handful of organizations founded before 2000, such as SNAP, RAINN, Darkness2Light, National Sexual Violence Resource Center, PAVE, and Polaris Project, to over 200 national organizations. In addition, thousands of social media entities (FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) blossomed; millions have stepped forward publicly to share their stories.

The Survivors Movement celebrates their successes and victories and joins other great social movements, the Civil Rights and the Women’s Movements, to change the world.

I am working on a book that attempts to transform society’s social and political fabric by enriching the Movement with analysis, empowering the victim, challenging the powerful, and raising social awareness. I want to give voice to the millions of victims so that we can break free of past domination and create a world free of sexual abuse. As a survivor of sexual violence, I’m passionate about justice and accountability.