Create a Movement

Sexual Abuse Survivors Create a Movement

The Movement for Respect and Dignity Emerges

Survivors of sexual abuse are creating a new movement from their furious, decades-long struggle to end rape and sexual abuse. They have stood up and bravely told their story. No longer will they remain quiet. They demand respect and dignity.

Movement for Respect and Dignity

This movement, even in its infancy, rivals the great movements of history such as the Civil Rights Movement, the Women’s Movement, the LGBTQ Movement, and others.

Victims have spoken, they are throwing off the baggage of victim shaming and cultural isolation. We are victims no longer.

A myriad of organizations, advocates, activists are organized at local, regional, national, and international groups. Some are as small as a local rape crisis center, others are dynamic international associations spanning the globe. While these disparate forces advance a variety of programs and initiatives, they, at the same time, share a common struggle. End rape and sexual abuse.

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April 8, 2020